Community Schools


Karonhianonhnha Tsi Ionterihwaiensthakwa School is the aoskon Kanien’keha immersion school with an enrolment of approximately 200 students in Nursery through grade six classes.  The school also houses the Kanien’keha Owen:na Otiohkwa Curriculum Center which is responsible for developing, producing, distributing and evaluating all Kanien’keha materials used in all Kahnawake Education Center community schools.

Karonhianonhnha Tsi Ionterihwaiensthakwa School offers students a culturally based academic program.  In Nursery to grade four, students receive instruction in Kanien’keha in all the core academics.  The grade five and six program is primarily an English as a Second Language program with Kanien’keha Language maintenance and French is a third language of instruction. In order to ensure successful transition for students French is now being introduced in grade four.

In addition to academics students are engaged in extra curricular activities in art, native crafts, traditional singing, reading remediation and sports programs.


Kateri Tekakwitha School is the English primary and elementary community school with an enrollment of 230 students. The school offer a fifty percent French, English Nursery and Kindergarten full-day program. Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, Kateri School was pleased to announce the launch of their three year, eighty percent French Immersion Kindergarten program that will continue at eighty percent French until grade four. A trilingual program from grade one through grade six is also provided to all students.

Students are grouped in single-level and multi-age classrooms.  Kateri Tekakwitha School offers a wide variety of programs and services to students of the community such as French, Mohawk Language and Culture, Physical Education, Music as well as extra curricular activities in sports, arts and academics.  Additional Resource Services are provided to students who require remediation and enrichment.

Kateri Tekakwitha School provides Kahnawa:ke children with an education characterized as culturally relevant, holistic, developmental, experiential, student-centered, cooperative, and inclusive.


Kahnawa:ke Survival School was established in September 1978 by parents, students and community members as a strong reaction and response to Quebec’s Language Law Bill 101. 

Middle School has an enrollment of approximately 100 students.  The grade 7 and 8 transitional program is taught by a team of eight homeroom teachers while program specialists teach other subjects.  Services are provided to accommodate individual student needs.

Senior School with an enrolment of approximately 170 grade 9, 10 and 11 students offers a unique program of studies which parallels the provincial curriculum. It is enriched with courses, programs and activities that teach, promote and support the Kanien’keha:ka language, history, culture and traditions.

Senior Pathways Program includes all of the core academics through an Individualized Education Program as well as an introduction to vocational learning paths.

The Kahnawa:ke Survival School in addition to the required academic courses offers option and exploratory courses in the Sciences, Technology, Graphic and Fine Arts, Drafting, Drama, Outdoor Education, Traditional Government, Student Council, Advanced Writing, Film Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Carpentry and Traditional Crafts.

Kahnawake Survival School also carries a long history of success within the GMAA Wrestling Association.

Upon successful completion of their studies in Senior School Students are able to pursue a wide variety of post secondary studies.