In Schools Committees



The advisory role of the “In-School” Committee will be to provide ideas and opinions to assist the principal and, where appropriate Kahnawake Combined Schools Committee in their decisions-making on educational issues. The advice should be based on the general views of the school community, and the best interests of students throughout the school. In-School committee must operate within the K.C.S.C. policies and procedures.


In-School Committee will deal with issues of particular relevance to their school communities, and establish their priorities. System policy will require that the school principal, senior staff and the K.C.S.C. where relevant, seek advice from the In School Committee in the following general areas:

  • The local school year calendar.
  • The school code of behavior.
  • School program goals and priorities and curriculum delivery.
  • School budget priorities.
  • Extracurricular activities in the school.
  • School-based services and community partnerships related to social, health, recreational, and nutritional programs.
  • Development, implementation, and review K.C.S.C. Committee policies at local level.

As well, the In-School Committee will provide input to the school profile, which describes the different student groups represented in the school population and the school’s activities and educational priorities.

If you wish to participate in the In-School Committee meetings of your child(ren)’s school(s) or would like additional information, feel free to contact the following:

  • Kateri School – 450 632-3350
  • Karonhianonhnha School – 450-638-2970
  • Kahnawake Survival School – 450-632-8831