Post-Secondary Department
Chris Leclaire, Post Secondary Counselor ~
Bethany Douglas, Post-Secondary Distance Counselor ~
Christine Diabo, Post Secondary Clerk/Receptionist ~



The Kahnawake Education Center is responsible for the proper and fair distribution of Post Secondary Student funding. Our goal is to provide services and funding to eligible students keeping in mind the extent of our financial means. The Post Secondary Student Funding Program supports accredited post secondary institutions (colleges and universities) and is a means for accessing funds as a supplement to students’ existing resources.


The mission of the Kahnawake Education Center Post Secondary Program as a catalyst for self and community empowerment is to provide guidance; support, incentives and opportunities for post secondary students through counseling and recruitment thereby, providing links to the business, technical, professional and academic spheres for future leaders and contributors to Kahnawake and Kanien’kehaka people.


Eligibility for funding through the Kahnawake Education Center is dependent on the applicant being a registered member of the Mohawks of Kahnawake. Upon receipt of a funding application, we will request in writing, as to whether the applicant is on the Mohawk Registry of Kahnawake, through the Mohawk of Council of Kahnawake.

The student must fulfill the academic requirements at all levels of post secondary education of their respective post-secondary institutions.


Post-Secondary Funding Application forms must be submitted to the Kahnawake Education Center NO LATER than March 1 for the following school year.

A student file is then started and students must then submit to the Kahnawake Education Center, a copy of their ACCEPTANCE LETTER from the school in which they will be attending.

  • Students must also submit any previous Post-Secondary transcripts or diplomas, etc… (for the student file).
  • New students directly out of high school should submit a MELS or equivalent transcript.
  • Students must submit a copy of their course schedule/registration at the beginning of each semester.
  • Students must submit a copy of their marks after each semester.


The contributions vary for part and full time students. The following are supplements that you may be eligible for depending on your status in your program:

  • Tuition, either partial or in full
  • Student Living Allowances (for full time students only)
  • Book and Supplies supplement
  • Childcare
  • Application fee refunds
* Post Secondary Application Form